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A Genre Of Metal Music Like Bands Like
Bring Me The Horizon
The Red Chord

The Black Dahlia Murder

Walls Of Jericho
KillSwitch Engage
Bullet For My Valentine
As I Lay Dying
All That Remains
And Many Freaking Awesome More
Dude Go Check Out Some Metalcore bands on the internet man there freaking awesome.
by CoolRandom888 February 26, 2010
A Song where u hear at the beginning of the song is 'chug-a-chug-a-chug' of the double bass drums and then alotta screamin and stuff and then some guitarist and/or drummer decides he's gonna sing the chorus
"Dude, that band is way metalcore!!!"
by top_ramen214 June 25, 2005
Sounds like: Metallic precision with billigerent bite.

Key Bands: Suicidal tendencies,The Cro-mags,Coalesce,Hatebreed,Killswitch Engage,Shadows fall.

The Look: As much a mishmash a the sound with eyeliner and neck tattoos.

Person1: MetalCore is just a form of metal
Pundit: Hmm Shallow and perdatic
Pundit2: Perhaps!
by Billza February 14, 2008
A term that is used by some bands to gain more fans. Also used by some people who dont know music for shit and label bands the wrong way. For more information see gay
Hey check out this band Lamb of god, there metalcore. fuck you, no there not. There thrash metal
by joe March 26, 2005
few bands first for ya hatebreed born from pain earth crisis stuff like that heavy shit that punches u in the gut can sometimes be politcAL but rarely starts of with double bass drums and builds up to nutcase screaming vocals and guitar ripping
guy 1: thats one metalcore band

guy 2: fucking awsome
by 37stabwoundz July 11, 2006
a non exastant form of music. there is no such thing as "metalcore" however, there is such a thing as punk faggots trying to play metal while not admitting to liking metal and using the terms "hardcore" and "metalcore". people who subscribe to this stupid fucking term are morons who need to be killed. also see, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GODDAMN "BREAKDOWN", only such things as, untalented solo riffs...... minus the solo
FUCK anything "core". it is non existant and needs to be killed. i need to help kill it. there is punk music.... and there is metal.... there is also faggot ass punk fucks trying to be metal. THE FUCKING END. oh, and go to gigantour everyone
by not a fucking retard June 05, 2005
One of the best genres of metal there is in my opinion. Originated in the late 80's. Cross between hardcore metal and hardcore punk. A lot better than shitty nu-metal.
Metalcore bands include the OLD avenged sevenfold, OLD atreyu, underoath, lamb of god, killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine, as i lay dying, some black dahlia murder, all that remains, some machine head are some of the more mainstream stuff. a good unknown band is august burns red.
by ipokesmot420 February 17, 2010