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When a person rejects the conclusion of an argument by attacking its source, rather than attacking its premise.
Hitler claims that the earth goes around the sun.
But Hitler is evil and cannot be trusted.
Therefore the earth does not go around the sun.
by Nathar Leichoz July 24, 2004
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poison the well is the best bunch of screaming people ive ever heard.... so much better than slioknot was or ever will be!
Poison the Well-- You Come Before You
by Metallica Owns You November 09, 2003
A fucking amazing band that scream lyrics that actually mean something. The song "Nerdy" has a funny twist because its actually a love song, but its screamed.
Poison the Well is the best band I've ever heard.
by LaUrA -- AnDrOmEdA647 on AiM July 21, 2003
Best hardcore band ever. Not a screamo, emo, punk, pop-punk, indie, ska, hard rock, or metal band. Real hardcore. Since they are so great, this word can be used as an adjective to describe anything that is that awesome.
That chick is so poisonthewell, I need to get a piece of that right now.
by Cam April 26, 2004
a POST HARDCORE band...note the melodic to manic style. one minute he's singing sweetly, the next he's screaming his guts hardcore...the even post themselves as post hardcore on thier pv (purevolume)
poison the well are an awsome post hardcore band...POST HARDCORE
by finn andrews August 31, 2006
Great Hardcore/screamo band.
They have a hard time keeping members and only one of the original members remains.
Pick up opposite of december, You come before you, and Tear from the red today
Poison the Well's comming to town with Across Five Aprils? I'm so there!
by Mike November 07, 2004
awesome emo/scremo/metalcore band that sound fucking amazing. However they dont sound a bit like slipknot as poison the wells lyrics actually mean something and their music is well constructed. unlike the retarded amout of shit coming out of slipknot.
poison the well are fucking amazing
by pakibeater June 01, 2003

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