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Totally awesome. Has so many friends! everybody loves her. Is a flirt with guys, usually single. Loves to party and have fun.!! Popular. the best person that you will ever meet.
girl 1- Have you heard about that AWESOME new girl named meridith?

girl 2- ik she is the coolest person I have ever met!!
by LOSER4EVAHH1o1 January 03, 2009
1.)NOUN: a HOT female being; the most amazing woman you will ever meet; the kind of girl that every man wants to have and every girl wants to be; smart, attractive, funny, witty, friendly and loyal ; one who is fully awesome; a total milf

2.) VERB: the action of doing that is something that a true "meridith" would do....
1.) I wish I was a meridith....but there can only be one true meridith....she is fully awesome!
2.) Did you see that hot chick pull that baby from the burning building.....she totally pulled a meridith
by wishiwasmeridith February 07, 2010
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