To fail on a level so great that ritualistic suicide is the only logical next step.
Brett Favre's pass against the Saints was such a merch.

Did you hear about Mike? He accidentally fucked a tranny. Such a merch.

I merched. Now I have AIDS.
by BTYS February 04, 2010
You got the money? Cuz I got the merch.
by Jack Daniels 2011 November 06, 2011
Verb meaning to pass gas and unknowingly release a small amount of liquid feces. You don't know you've merched until you see the stain in your undies. Merch comes from the noise the fart makes while trying to escape your clenched cheeks.
If Aly keeps pushing out farts like that she's gonna merch herself!
by Lizicle December 23, 2008
Combination merienda (afternoon snack) and lunch; usually served between noon and afternoon.
I merch during weekends.
by therapist032 August 28, 2010
1.can be used randomly when theres an acqward silence.
2.used to make someone laugh
3. good to use if your a dumbass
Llaina:what are you doing
Cheesepipe: merch.
by ling ling December 06, 2004
the nastiest pussy you will ever encounter. its hairy, flappy and fulls of zits and basically shit
oh shit dude, why you lookin at that, shes got a fuckin merch.

dude you better cut that shit out or i'll order some merch to go just for you
by Big D July 28, 2004
The class of '06 seniors used this as their signature phrase. Now the fag Juniors in the d-wing down quad think that they are pretty cool for using it and making shirts saying it.
Alex: Dude, i get lots of merch.

Jae: dude, i wish i could get some halfway decent merch, but all i can get is my fellow quad members. I'm so original. LOLLOLOLOLOl.. I am an azn chink.
by Nathaniel hausfater November 20, 2006

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