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The nickname given to Flamengo by its fans.
Flamengo até morrer eu sou.
by Mengão October 15, 2006
One only 10% sure of their sexual oreintation.
<Mengo> I'm straight <DreamTactix291> are you sure? <Mengo> 10% sure
by MAGGA DA KASA July 23, 2003
A Brazilian kid who likes to steam of cock burns ass people. He can also be found slapbutting those of the male persuasion.
<Mengo>waaarggh small penis! I slapbutt it!
1. To suck cock and/or dongs in abundance.
2. To defile any sort of normal sexual intercourse.
3. To masturbate your asshole.
4. Proper noun; any homosexual Brazilian male stripper.
1. My friends and I, after getting mengoed by a whore, cummed all over her face.
2. While enjoying missionary-style sex with his girlfriend, Steve subsequently took a massive shit over her face.
3. The girl enjoyed to mengo while her parents were not home, as shit would fly all across the walls in her room.
4. The Mengo was brutally assfucked by a biker gang.
by FuzzyTonkaTruck July 23, 2005
A brazilian who is randomly raped by a 500 pound black inmate named Kirby.
Damn dude, he just got mengoed!
by Xenocide January 03, 2004
See Mango
Mengo was kicked by MagnaKaser ((you are number 22 to be 0wned by my superior kicking script!))
by MagDaKasa!! July 20, 2003
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