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The most successful Brazilian soccer team with the biggest number of fans in the world (33 million fans) and is also ranked as the 9th in the FIFA clubs of the 20th century.

Uma vez Flamengo, sempre Flamengo.
by Mengão October 15, 2006
A Brazilian soccer player that currently plays for Flamengo. Obina is often compared to Barcelona's Samuel Eto'o by Flamengo's fans.

The fans of Flamengo also started making Obina facts, just like the Chuck Norris facts.
Some Obina facts:

1. Deus perdoa, Obina não (God forgives, Obina doesn't)

2. Se Obina fosse francês, Materazzi não estaria vivo. (If Obina was French, Materazzi would not be alive.)

3. Entre Pelé e Maradona, Obina ganha. (Between Pelé and Maradona, Obina wins.)

4. "Ser ou não ser?" Eis a questão. "Obina." Eis a resposta. ("To be, or not to be?" That is the question. "Obina" Is the answer.)

5. Obina não usa relógio, ele decide que horas são. (Obina does not use a watch, he decides what the time is.)
by Mengão October 14, 2006
One of the best soccer players in the world, and considered the best player in the would in the early 80s.

Zico played for Flamengo for most of his soccer years, and holds the most number of goals scored for Flamengo (508 goals in 731 matches).

Zico later played for Kashima Antlers from Japan where he later coached and also later coached the Japanese national team until the 2006 World Cup. During his stay in Japan, Zico heavily contributed to soccer in Japan, where he got the nickname "God of Soccer" by soccer fans in Japan.

Zico is currently coaching Fenerbahçe from Turkey.
Zico, the White Pelé, the best attacking midfielder to ever exist.
by Mengão October 15, 2006
The nickname given to Flamengo by its fans.
Flamengo até morrer eu sou.
by Mengão October 15, 2006
A Brazilian soccer player that is known for easily getting angry during matches and getting red cards, but is still a superb striker for whatever team he plays.

Edmundo played for Brazil in the 1998 World Cup, and currently plays for Palmeiras.
Edmundo, The Animal.
by Mengão October 15, 2006

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