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What a rude Nignog woman used to say at a party when she had ran out of bacardi and coke. She would say this so the birthday guy Fred would fill her up. All she brought was 1 can of coke and made us all supply all the bacardi.
NIGNOG WOMAN: Me ran out of bacardi and coke mon. FREED!
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick May 12, 2009
(pronoun): A word to replace the name of a person that is much like God or any other celestial being.
Amen, to Freed, we give our whole life.
by Gritz(GirStells) May 26, 2011
Free Weed. Smoking weed you didn't have to pay for.
I don't really like him, I'm just hanging out with him for the freed.
by NeekoAL October 22, 2013
A free meal, or free feed
I'm giving a mate a lift, said he'd give me a freed to pay me back
by Tazzay July 14, 2008
Watching a pirated movie before it's released in theatres
"You seen the new Speilberg movie yet?"
"Yea, Isaw that last week in free-D"
by Bluseph D. Bluowski III April 01, 2009
American Princess
matt f
by dog October 28, 2003
American fairy
'fairy freeds'
by Anonymous October 30, 2003

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