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When a girl acts innocent infront of others, but when she is alone with a boy, or her significant other she acts slutty.
That girl pretends that shes never done anything, but everyone knows shes a closet slut.
by gillian <3 August 10, 2004
a person who has sex with multiple people, but acts innocent, as if they are a virgin
that girl has sex with like 300 people, but she acts like an angel, she's a closet slut
by peahcesinnorthdakota July 14, 2008
A person.... usually female... that portrays innocence to the world but is screwing everything they can.... they usually live a double life.... hence the "closet" part of the slut....
Pastor,"My wife is so sweet....."
Altar boy, "Yeah, that closet slut rides dick like a pro!!!"
by __SMOKE__ November 26, 2005
closet slut- (n) a male, or female, who upholds a model citizen type exterior but whose true identity is that of a common slut.
"Jennine is such a sweet girl."

"Yeah, but you should have seen her at the party last night. Apparently, she had a crazy threesome with Mykel and Frank. What a closet slut."
by redhoop14 February 01, 2010
you think shes a really good girl maybe even a virgin, she sometimes wears low cut tops but shes usually covered but once you get her into bed after a couple times, your fucked literally and figuratively
I happen to be a closet slut
by lifexnretrospect April 26, 2009
Person who has sex a lot with many different people and just lays there.
Can usally get the person in your room buy typing "Want to watch a movie ;)"
"Want to watch a movie ;)"
She says, "I'll be over in a minute!!"
by Frankenstine January 30, 2005
one who has sex secretly because they are secretly gay and either 1)dating an openly gay guy or 2) dating another closet slut
he always hangs out with that boy, its almost like hes a closet slut....
by scott December 30, 2004