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a boy you love to look at. his skin is perfecty smooth and tan, his eyes are dark and dangerous and his smile is to die for. he's very smart especially in creative writing even if he is somewhat an overachiever. he loves soccer and is fiercly loyal to his friends. with just a wink he'll melt your heart and you will promise him your virginty. he can own your vagina with just a glance.
girl 1: omg did you see that guy?? he winked at me and my vagina belonged to him
girl 2: oh yeah that happened to me yesterday, he's such a melvin.
#melvin #hot #boy #love #smile
by torimusic April 30, 2012
definition of awesome just simply amazing!!!
Look at matt he is so melvin
#amazing #fearsome #mr. cool #astonishing #stunning
by xmku2.0 July 06, 2011
One of the very first people that created ninjas nearly two thousand centuries ago.
A very powerful ninja known to dominate the rival ninja known as Jasmin.
His power is so mighty it is said that it rivals that of Chuck Norris.
A tour-group came to a huge city that was totally demolished; "what happened here," they asked. The guide simply said Melvin.
#hokage #legend #the master #head ninja #epic
by kaibakid February 11, 2010
A very awesome person. Best player of call of duty sexy slim.No Andrew can compare to his godly awesomeness
yo man i so got owned by a melvin
#elvin #calvin #melvi #melv #mel
by melvimelv April 26, 2011
One of the best bands ever. They've been around for twenty years, and they're going stronger than many of the young upstarts fresh out of the gate. They're currently on Patton's Ipecac Records, the place for music. Quite plainly, they just rip shit.

Buzz "King Buzzo" Osbourne--Guitars/vocals
Dale Crover--Drums
Kevin Rutmanis--bassist
Metallica fan: "St. Anger was such a dissapointment. I want to like it, but I just can't."
Melvins fan: "Check out Pigs of the Roman Empire, the Melvins still know how to make music, unlike Metallicock."
by Virgil Caine May 30, 2005
A wedgie in the front.
Dude, we totally just melvined Death!
by Ithaca February 16, 2005
The realest nigga out. Point blank period. If you run into him you might as well drop your panties. Not only is he sexy but hes sexy as fuckkkk. If somehow you can wife him up then you better be throwing it back better then any girl out there.
Girl 1: Damn girl did you see him ?
Girl 2: Hell yes thats Melvin <3
Girl 1: Have your panties dropped yet ?
Girl 2: Duhhhhh
#sexy #cute #mellvin #meelvin #melviin
by Whyyyy March 06, 2013
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