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When you pull the front of someones underwear up. Like a wedgie in the front.
When I was 13 I still wore tighty whities and this particular night I was wearing a pair from 3 years ago so they were VERY tight. So when I was sleeping one night my brother (who was 16 at the time so hes big) came in and tied up my hands and I am a heavy sleeper so i didn't notice. Then he grabbed the waistband front of my tighty whities and pulled up real hard (giving me a melvin) and was holding me in the air and i kept struggling and he was laughing. Then he drags me into the bathroom and hung me on a towl rack, giving me a hanging wedgie. It hurt very bad. Then he pullled off my pants while i was up there and hid them and so I was hanging there just by my underwear thats all I was wearing. Then my other brother came in and took a picture of if and i kept telling them to stop but they made fun of me for wearing tighty whities.
by Kyle23205884 May 01, 2006
A nerd who does weird and random things for no reason.
Did you really sit around home last weekend? your such a melvin.
by tommy dizzle May 09, 2005
To poke someone up the bum; Melvin is usually shouted by the offender when they carry out such obscenity.

Aww, come onn! Are you gay or something!?
by I P4P4MURF I October 25, 2010
A very seductive and suave man who attracts foxy honeys. Known to make women orgasm with a wink. A monster in everything he does. A god in bed. Funniest person around. Pops cherries with his sexy stare.
by tera baap chor hai March 29, 2010
Direct synonym of camel toe, but more polite. A frontal feminine wedgie. When the fabric of tight pants lodge up in the labia, creating what looks like a split hoof.
God damn, whenever Emily wears those pants it's melvin city!
by salty ballz July 30, 2006
The act of diarrhea-ing on top of someone's head in a tropical climate so that the Melvinee can't wipe it off.
The reason we smell so bad isn't because of our foray through the jungle. It's because Carruthers decided to drop a steaming Melvin on us...again.
by Meatball #41 December 29, 2013
Verb: to melvin someone is to stick your finger in their bum, before which you should 'melvin' and then make a rasping noise with your tongue (i.e. blow a raspberry) as you insert your finger. To melvin your opponent automatically hands you the victory in any fight or physical contest.
'I was having a good grapple with Mo the other day, but then he melvinned me and i lost'
'I'm going to melvin andy to get back at him for throwing that water over me'
by OllieTech February 12, 2010