when someone grabbs another rguy by the front waist band and pulls up.
i was just coming out of the bathroom at school when a group odf my friends come in and brian kicks me in the balls and gave me a huge melvin then they draged me in the girls room and left me hanging on the back of the bathroom door and took my clothes when it ripped i was so emmabarassed they had took all my clothes.
by kyle f July 13, 2006
a wedgie so intense that ones pants are also involved.
Dang, look at that nerd's intense melvin!

Oo girl, fix your shorts, you got a melvin.
by Angelynbean March 23, 2009
When you pull the front of someones underwear up. Like a wedgie in the front.
When I was 13 I still wore tighty whities and this particular night I was wearing a pair from 3 years ago so they were VERY tight. So when I was sleeping one night my brother (who was 16 at the time so hes big) came in and tied up my hands and I am a heavy sleeper so i didn't notice. Then he grabbed the waistband front of my tighty whities and pulled up real hard (giving me a melvin) and was holding me in the air and i kept struggling and he was laughing. Then he drags me into the bathroom and hung me on a towl rack, giving me a hanging wedgie. It hurt very bad. Then he pullled off my pants while i was up there and hid them and so I was hanging there just by my underwear thats all I was wearing. Then my other brother came in and took a picture of if and i kept telling them to stop but they made fun of me for wearing tighty whities.
by Kyle23205884 May 01, 2006
A melvin is when somene pulls on the FRONT waistband of your underwear giving you a melvin. Which is mostly called, A Frontal Wedgie.
A bully is giving you a huge melvin and it hurts like hell in between your pu**y.
by xxxsamanthasssssss May 23, 2007
To poke someone up the bum; Melvin is usually shouted by the offender when they carry out such obscenity.

Aww, come onn! Are you gay or something!?
by I P4P4MURF I October 25, 2010
A nickname, not a Christian name, that is given to dweebs, low lifes, losers, and suckers. Melvins can often be identified by being rather unfortunate looking, dressing offensively, or just acting socially awkward. Melvin's are generally uncool.
"This fellow has a pocket protector and horn-rimmed glasses, he must be some kind of Melvin"
by kozworth April 15, 2008
Someone that harps on people for not following overlooked, unimportant rules.
Person A: You're not allowed to smoke on school property!
Person B: Yeah, but we do it anyway. What a melvin.
by Karnokoto November 04, 2006
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