Some weirdo that alway's gonna have you're back. he can be very man whore-ish, but he is devoted to friends. nothing breaks him. he's probaly been through a lot in life, but that's only made him stronger. Not to mention is has some lungs! He's really loud and a great singer. fun, yes. annoying, kinda.
Melvin is awesome!Sorta.
by GargleGargle July 18, 2010
An ordinary mushroom, no more, no less.
The Viscount and Tabasco supped at the meatball place, and had many melvins, which went together well with the hourse port.
by chasethedoor January 29, 2014
a cool dude, usually black, and is very funny. can sometimes get ghettp but its funny. also can be arrogant and annoying at times.
dude 1: hey look at that dude.
dude 2: he looks like a melvin.
dude 3: thats his name.
melvin: (walks up) hey arent i just the greatest?
by smeplenz September 16, 2009
A type of person, the melvin (noun) is half characterized physically, and half emotionally and by their demeanor. It should not be confused with a nerd, geek, or a person, because it does not have a soul.

The debate of whether one is born a melvin or it is an onset condition still rages on. Most research shows that melvins were actually born with souls, but through their incessant self-pity and self-loathing and miserable lives, they actually exile their own souls from their very bodies, which i will describe next.
(Essentially, they are born with souls, but their terrible genetic features lead them to certain doom, and thus the condition is in genetic limbo.)

The melvin form employs the most unfortunate of human physiques. The melvin is a physically (as well as mentally) feeble person, down to his lack of sufficient muscle tissue, weak bones, small frame, and feeble voice. The melvin has pathetic, sloping shoulders and disproportionally short arms, that broadcast his lack of confidence and competence. Baby fat (not to be confused with fun fat - which has at least one merit) is present in many melvins, but is not essential to melvinhood. Often it occurs only in the midsection, leaving short skinny limbs and face, giving a physique similar to McDonald's "Grimace" character, the big limbless purple thing with a hooker addiction.

Melvins are typically worthless members of society, as they spend most of their time whining, pitying themselves, and sucking at life.

some refer to the female version as a "she-melvin."
These tend to be more rare, and as the gender line can be very hazy with melvins, it is safest to stick to the simple "melvin" nomenclature.

The adjective form, "melviny," is also appropriate in describing such characters.

pop culture references:
South Park season 3 episode 8, "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub." Stan is forced to play with some melvins at an adult meteor shower party.
Steve: Dude, that guy really must suck at life.

Dave: Yeah, he was so pathetic that I don't even feel bad, because he felt bad enough for himself for all of us.

Steve: Yeah. Textbook melvin....
by saltybawls June 25, 2009
A lucky strike in bowling
That last strike was a f***ing melvin
by MPH25 August 23, 2008
1.) The earlier of the modern term a wedgie or wedgy. It is defined primarily when a perpetrator goes behind an individual (normally a male), and yanks the underwear band up so as to get a major percentage of the underwear in question up the buttocks crevice. 2.) The results of insufficient wiping of the anus and surrounding areas thereof, which entails the common term skid marks (manure streaks in undergarments). 3.) The sensation that leads a person to conclude that A.) They are experiencing a less than fresh ass. B.) May have an undeterminate dingleberry remaining in the rectum, anus, or quite conceivably the less than desirable buttocks region. C.) Gives the false impression of the presence of Melvins, when, in fact, the nerve endings in the bottom of someone's ass are being affected by anal perspiration, or the tingling feelings caused by butt, or, pubic hairs, perhaps both! This may cause great anxiety with people on a date and those that are anticipating a potential sexual encounter.
High School Shenanigans: "I got that dork, Myron, and gave him the 'Melvins' so hard that it changed his singing voice!"

Laundry Person: "That bastard might be rich, but I wash his funky, stanky drawers all the time. The worst is when I run across his shorts and they have unremmovable 'Melvins'!"

Nervous Male: He was rather confident in his speech and demeanor, however, Joe the Maintenance at the Retreat near the city center, was overtly concerned about his 'Melvins'! He hoped that there was a restroom nearby so he could deal with the moist and sloppy feelings there.
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 29, 2008
A severely odd and uncool person.
A wimp or a tool.
Mom, why do I have to play in the marching band? All the band kids are frickin' Melvins.
by The Wonderboy August 06, 2005

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