A person or persons whom take part in geek like activities such as math competitions, chess competitions, x-box parties etc. basically a nerd, dweeb, geek, etc
hey look at that melvin over there, hes definitly not chinese. you said all melvins are chinese
by nicc June 04, 2005
Adam Lambert's facial hair, loved by some, hated by others
Glamberts are going crazy, Adam grew Melvin again!
by Loheli December 10, 2012
A frontal wedgie. Instead of underpants being up your butt crack, they ride up into the labia.
It is not okay to pick your Melvin in public.
by alicenwundrlnd October 14, 2014
A wedgie in the front. Also sometimes called a Minerva for girls
Ouch that Melvin really hurt my balls
by Poop23456677543 December 01, 2013
front wedgie. i.e when your panties are in between your labia
Damn she must have one heleva melvin... look at her huge cameltoe.
by Katie February 28, 2005
noun: Used to refer to a penis of a rather small nature. Typically found in males.
Girl: "Ughh, I hate having sex with Jeremy. He has such a melvin."
Other Girl: "Oh well you know what they always say. Size clearly matters".
by cbreezy32 May 12, 2014
An ordinary mushroom, no more, no less.
The Viscount and Tabasco supped at the meatball place, and had many melvins, which went together well with the hourse port.
by chasethedoor January 29, 2014

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