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1.) The earlier of the modern term a wedgie or wedgy. It is defined primarily when a perpetrator goes behind an individual (normally a male), and yanks the underwear band up so as to get a major percentage of the underwear in question up the buttocks crevice. 2.) The results of insufficient wiping of the anus and surrounding areas thereof, which entails the common term skid marks (manure streaks in undergarments). 3.) The sensation that leads a person to conclude that A.) They are experiencing a less than fresh ass. B.) May have an undeterminate dingleberry remaining in the rectum, anus, or quite conceivably the less than desirable buttocks region. C.) Gives the false impression of the presence of Melvins, when, in fact, the nerve endings in the bottom of someone's ass are being affected by anal perspiration, or the tingling feelings caused by butt, or, pubic hairs, perhaps both! This may cause great anxiety with people on a date and those that are anticipating a potential sexual encounter.
High School Shenanigans: "I got that dork, Myron, and gave him the 'Melvins' so hard that it changed his singing voice!"

Laundry Person: "That bastard might be rich, but I wash his funky, stanky drawers all the time. The worst is when I run across his shorts and they have unremmovable 'Melvins'!"

Nervous Male: He was rather confident in his speech and demeanor, however, Joe the Maintenance at the Retreat near the city center, was overtly concerned about his 'Melvins'! He hoped that there was a restroom nearby so he could deal with the moist and sloppy feelings there.
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 29, 2008
A very seductive and suave man who attracts foxy honeys. Known to make women orgasm with a wink. A monster in everything he does. A god in bed. Funniest person around. Pops cherries with his sexy stare.
by tera baap chor hai March 29, 2010
a wedgie so intense that ones pants are also involved.
Dang, look at that nerd's intense melvin!

Oo girl, fix your shorts, you got a melvin.
by Angelynbean March 23, 2009
A melvin is when somene pulls on the FRONT waistband of your underwear giving you a melvin. Which is mostly called, A Frontal Wedgie.
A bully is giving you a huge melvin and it hurts like hell in between your pu**y.
by xxxsamanthasssssss May 23, 2007
When you pull the front of someones underwear up. Like a wedgie in the front.
When I was 13 I still wore tighty whities and this particular night I was wearing a pair from 3 years ago so they were VERY tight. So when I was sleeping one night my brother (who was 16 at the time so hes big) came in and tied up my hands and I am a heavy sleeper so i didn't notice. Then he grabbed the waistband front of my tighty whities and pulled up real hard (giving me a melvin) and was holding me in the air and i kept struggling and he was laughing. Then he drags me into the bathroom and hung me on a towl rack, giving me a hanging wedgie. It hurt very bad. Then he pullled off my pants while i was up there and hid them and so I was hanging there just by my underwear thats all I was wearing. Then my other brother came in and took a picture of if and i kept telling them to stop but they made fun of me for wearing tighty whities.
by Kyle23205884 May 01, 2006
A severely odd and uncool person.
A wimp or a tool.
Mom, why do I have to play in the marching band? All the band kids are frickin' Melvins.
by The Wonderboy August 06, 2005
A nerd who does weird and random things for no reason.
Did you really sit around home last weekend? your such a melvin.
by tommy dizzle May 09, 2005