1.) The earlier of the modern term a wedgie or wedgy. It is defined primarily when a perpetrator goes behind an individual (normally a male), and yanks the underwear band up so as to get a major percentage of the underwear in question up the buttocks crevice. 2.) The results of insufficient wiping of the anus and surrounding areas thereof, which entails the common term skid marks (manure streaks in undergarments). 3.) The sensation that leads a person to conclude that A.) They are experiencing a less than fresh ass. B.) May have an undeterminate dingleberry remaining in the rectum, anus, or quite conceivably the less than desirable buttocks region. C.) Gives the false impression of the presence of Melvins, when, in fact, the nerve endings in the bottom of someone's ass are being affected by anal perspiration, or the tingling feelings caused by butt, or, pubic hairs, perhaps both! This may cause great anxiety with people on a date and those that are anticipating a potential sexual encounter.
High School Shenanigans: "I got that dork, Myron, and gave him the 'Melvins' so hard that it changed his singing voice!"

Laundry Person: "That bastard might be rich, but I wash his funky, stanky drawers all the time. The worst is when I run across his shorts and they have unremmovable 'Melvins'!"

Nervous Male: He was rather confident in his speech and demeanor, however, Joe the Maintenance at the Retreat near the city center, was overtly concerned about his 'Melvins'! He hoped that there was a restroom nearby so he could deal with the moist and sloppy feelings there.
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 29, 2008
An person who doesn't have a clue of what the hell is going on. A clueless idiot. A person who is "lost in the sauce" almost regularly. Most Melvins don't have a clue that they are Melvins; something which further reenforces their Melvin classification.
1) "That guy actually thinks WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a real sport... that guy is a Melvin." 2) Kid:"Hey Melvin, someone just stole your car that you left running with the keys in the ignition." Clueless idiot:"My name is not Melvin, its Hank." Kid: "No, its Melvin."
by Laughing at Melvins December 19, 2013
Seeing that you are late for an event and turning back to go home
hey, so did you do a Melvin? No, I climbed the fence
by The Nan July 21, 2010
a severe frontal wedgie. usually the result of horrible practical jokes or freak accidents.
"Man this tandem bike sure is giving me one ridiculous melvin. I got bruises!"

When you fall on a ski slope and your dad tries to help you up by putting his ski pole between your feet. (people slide downwards on hills. it's not funny.)
by Victim of Melvin May 14, 2009
A very seductive and suave man who attracts foxy honeys. Known to make women orgasm with a wink. A monster in everything he does. A god in bed. Funniest person around. Pops cherries with his sexy stare.
by tera baap chor hai March 29, 2010
a wedgie so intense that ones pants are also involved.
Dang, look at that nerd's intense melvin!

Oo girl, fix your shorts, you got a melvin.
by Angelynbean March 23, 2009
Direct synonym of camel toe, but more polite. A frontal feminine wedgie. When the fabric of tight pants lodge up in the labia, creating what looks like a split hoof.
God damn, whenever Emily wears those pants it's melvin city!
by salty ballz July 30, 2006

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