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The prettiest girl in the world. Shes smart, cute and a big ball of happiness. She gets random hyper happiness attacks that makes everybody happy. She can be cute and sexy at the same time and can seem to pull off anything she wears. She thinks shes black but shes not but her bf still loves her. She has the cutest smile ever and this funny but cute mole under her nose. shes an awesome gf too
I love a melanie!
by kirkyg November 25, 2012
55 10
A name for a girl. french, means "dark". like dark hair, olive skin. people named melanie are always really pretty and super nice. just sexy, if you will. used to say it when seeing a pretty girl, but they obviously will never match up to her standards.
DAMN!!!!! That girl is definatly a Melanie.
by Bella Swan January 16, 2008
3381 1181
Melanie means dark lady in Greek. Awesome person and someone you should definitely get to know. Someone funny and loves to make people laugh. Isn't afraid to get embarrassed and a great friend. Hard to be serious at times, but she's always going to make the right choices in the end. A very lovely lady and great at pranks. Someone whose outgoing and willing to try new things. She's pretty, smart, hot, sexy, and etc.
everyone needs some Melanie in their lives!!
I love MELANIE!!
by m eL aNiie xP June 13, 2008
2508 854
Melanie -
A person who will always get to the point and hates too many details. It wont interest her - AT ALL. Will listen and hear things that you wont even have to say out loud. She naturally understands people and accepts them. Even the weird and different. Has extreamly high ambition and morality but wont force any on anyone else.
Loves to flirt. Is Beautiful. Gets lots of attention. Good to bring to any party.
Loves cartoon characters and she will ALWAYS be a big kid herself !
Very girly/ good at fashion but will still play video games and play wrestle now and again. Has a million followers.
DONT EVER EVER argue with a Melanie.
Shes right. YOUR wrong. End of story.
It doesnt matter if you had a point , she has ten reasons why your one reason doesnt work. AND even if its not logical - comming from HER its the most Intelligent and believable thing you have EVER heard in your life! She is lawyer material.
Just shutup.
Shes right.
Your wrong.
Everyones happy.
Or at least you will be...shes very loving and forgiving and fun to be around. So DONT waste time argueing! Go to that party or that mall. Where theres a Mel theres a new adventure!
Melanie sure knows what shes talking about!
by SomethingDifferent07 January 07, 2009
1641 533
An awesome girl who likes to be ghetto, and pulls it off even when white. Generally pretty.
"Melanie is beautiful."

"And Ghetto."
by Brian Smishlle. August 02, 2007
1792 1007
A word to describe one of the hottest, nicest, funniest, most honest, caring, and likable woman in the whole world
aww man i think you caught a melanie!! Luck Fuck.

*Guy 1: Yo u see that new melanie in school today?
*Guy 2: Dude, her names Kate, get it right!
*Guy 1: Man Shes definately a melanie!
by switchmeister September 20, 2005
1176 505
A very cute girl. Extremely sexy, smart and sweet. Loved by all.
Josh loves Melanie like whoa. Melanie loves Josh like whoa. Yeah, they love eachother.
by MeliBu BaRbii March 15, 2006
1043 437
A wonderful, caring, loving individual. One who would do anything for anyone if at all possible. Not all Melanies are fat bitches thank you very much!!!!!

Melanie is a kind, considerate, helpful, friendly, humourous, devoted, fun loving, mellow, easy going, thoughtful, generous, oh the list goes on and on and on.

If you ever meet a Melanie (Mel) your life will be so much richer!
This Melanie will never go on Jerry Springer!
by Melanie Oxley May 19, 2006
833 371