Cute sweet girl that can be down to earth and a cool person to hang out with, but also very manipulative and has an impulse to live free and try new things A.K.A. ( Slutty), one should try to avoid serious relationships with A Melanie
Dang did you see that chick last night making out with everyone , bet she was a Melanie
by Qwerty13 May 31, 2015
A trustworthy and majestic girl, Melanie is someone who would always stick by your side through thick and thin. Whenever you need help, she will always be there for you. She's hilarious and she'll keep you entertained 24/7. She'll talk to you everyday, if not every hour until she knows you're okay. Melanie is a tall, intelligent, enigmatic, gorgeous person.
Melanie is a great best friend, anyone would be lucky to have her
by Ipodlover136 December 26, 2014
Sweeter then sugar, hair normally straightened. Always has the best laughs and memories with people. Shy at first and can be clumsy but always try's to look her best. Likes to be a flirt ... ALWAYS, so she will like to be complimented. When she likes a guy she will like him a lot, so never let her go. Easily forgives and is easy to get things out of. Many people have crushes on her but are to scared to tell her. She's very outgoing . Probably the nicest, hottest, funniest etc. girl you will ever meet.
'Damn that girl is hot she must be a Melanie'
by Laniemrm November 25, 2014
She is my life and the only thing that matters to me.....i wouldnt be able to live if i had never met her, she is an angel and is always so happy, i want to spend every moment of my life with her....shes so beautiful and i love with all my heart and more....shes made me the happiest person ever and i never want to live a second without her <3
There is no possible example for such a beautiful angel named Melanie.....
by ThePopeOfDope April 08, 2012
melanie or mel enjoys being anled and shoveling horse shit. her new thing is blumkin
" that girl always melanies"
by yourbestmotherfuckingfriend October 18, 2011
A rare breed of Australian galah. Likely to do very well in the Big Brother competition, getting to at least the top five.
"Man I thought Stacey would do better in Big Brother, she's such a Melanie!"
by Artistory November 06, 2012
A dirty nasty whore. One of the nastiest whores in the universe.
Melanie had sex with over ten thousand men and contracted every std and strain of std known to human kind.
by Hawn Gnarley August 18, 2014

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