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Rimpy comes from the Hindu term 'Pretty.' This name means innocent beauty.
Rimpy would be considered the perfect baby name.
by Tinaa December 27, 2012
the way you'd say 'fuck you' when you're extremely, extremely drunk.
"haha, you drunk bitch"
"fk'oo, hoh!"
by TINAA October 04, 2005
Another word for a cell phone
"omg, i'm like, going away on vacation for TWO WEEKS, so call my CELLULARR, k?"
by TINAA October 04, 2005
An abbreviation for 'Okay, you.' Used for when you're with little kids, or a drunk person.
"K'you, go upstairs and clean yourself up." you might say
"buh i don feel guud..." & then they'd barf all over you. hahah.
by TINAA October 04, 2005
used when you want to call your boyfriend a fag without him knowing.
'Oh my god, that bffagg! Be right back, i'm gonna go kick him in the balls.'
by TINAA October 04, 2005
A very sexy way to say "Me".
Person 1: "Dontcha just love meh?"
Person 2: "You bet I do, hott stuff."
by TINAA October 04, 2005
1. a mix of the words 'crazy' and 'drunk', used when your friends are telling you how your current state is.
2. Super amazingly cool. see sick. sometimes used in past tense or with the suffix 'ing'
2. "Wow, this place is CRUNKIN(g)!!"
3. "Omg, you see that guy? Hah, yeah, he's crunked!
4. "Hey mann, we're so damn crunk. yeah, yeah."
by TINAA October 04, 2005

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