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1. a prehistoric shark, that measured up to 12 metres in length.

2. an exceptionally mega impressive donn thing.
that is the most megalodon board I have ever ridden.
by simon warren November 17, 2003
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A huge 18-meter shark, nobody knows if this shark is a myth, but it's said that a huge tooth from this beast has been found in a area where a ocean used to be. (AKA the ocean dried up from all those years.) The tooth goes up to a height of 7 inches. This shark was bigger than a whale shark, and would eat other sharks and giant squids.
"Have you heard of the Megalodon shark?"
"Isn't that a legend?"
"Nobody knows, but if it's real, it's extinct, so it can't hurt animals or humans!"
"But I heard it's still alive... and there's proof..."
by Ironically Incredible April 05, 2015
n. a giant shit. one that excedes normal size of the bowel complex.
I had 3 cups of coffee and I just dropped a vicious megalodon.
by Djnasm September 26, 2007
n. <MEG-la-don> - A member of the "Cougar" family who may have witnessed a World War or two. A woman from age 60 to late 100's who is chasing young men (ages 18-25) in places such as clubs and bars. Megalodons are usually distiguished by their slightly to majorly wrinkled skin, over-enlarged F.U.P.A., and their tendency to crochet or knit after sex.
"Dude, and I didn't even have to worry about getting that Menopausal Megalodon pregnant!"
"This nursing home is like Megalodon heaven."
"Did you see the new copy of PlayMegalodon; it's the swimsuit issue."
by Chris Igo October 03, 2007

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