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When A.Meesters tells a tall tale, then whilst informing others- even within earshot- adds more and more farfetched lies to the story until the point where he has lied about a lie. Oh, and theres always bisexual girlfriends involved. Always.
1. Goddam it, stop your meestering

(Original Story)
Hey man! Just came back from the dentist's office. 2 cavities.

2 mins later...
Holy crap, I just came back from the wildest party, I went to *Insert random place here*, then I got totaly hammered and when I was walking back, I saw my ex-bisexual girlfriend and we smoked chop then we went skiing in July and then she fell asleep and I was bored so I went to the sewers and chatted with the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Splinter has a cold. Then a foot solider punched me and that's why my face is kinda numb. And I'm actually half eskimo in origin.
by The beater of the elderly April 01, 2007
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