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33 definitions by Willis

The don, the best, the shit, the fuckin daddy etc etc...
''Willis, you are the don''
by wiLLiS April 03, 2003
Shortened version of the word 'Gormless' Used to describe a stupid individual looking seriously deprived of intelligence.
''Neil You gorm''
by wiLLiS April 03, 2003
A term used to mean a pal or close friend. Originally the term announced the ownership of a person of color.
Today -- "How are you my nigger?"
Then -- "How are my niggers?"
by Willis April 11, 2005
(v): a derisive method of describing aesthetic or metaphysical qualities of something.
He may be a fuckwit, but at least the senior George Bush wasn't as crap with running the country as his nonce-boy son is.
by Willis August 24, 2003
An extreme bastard; a real asshole. Frequently used by middle-aged trailer trash women to describe the ex-boyfriend who beat her.
I told that RAT-BASTARD if he ever hit me again I would call the law.
by Willis August 07, 2003
this nigga is a hot rapper. hes the one no one notices. but when his solo shit drop..hes gone be wanted...for features that is
by willis October 26, 2003
Blad Greeting slang- shortening the phrase ''Whats happening'' Into a smaller, 'more understandable' word.
Weaver glanced up, recognising the towering vison that is Willis approaching, he raised his arm and shouted ''Wapnin Will!'' in appreciation.
by wiLLiS April 03, 2003