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Biblical metaphor of the ancient Hebrews crossing the Jordan River, commonly used in spiritual songs to represent death and passage to the afterlife.
I know that you are heavily wounded, but crossing Jordan is not an option!
by Roger Kint August 25, 2010
A great show about a pathologists solving crimes (yeah, obviously, usually murders) using the body and crime scene as clues. Like CSI, but with feeling.
Did you watch Crossing Jordan last night?
Yeah, of course!!!
by Petra April 13, 2005
A show on A&E about a female medical examiner in Boston, her name is Jordan Cavanah. Garrett, her boss, is a raging alcholic fatherly like figure to Jordan. Jordan Cavanah farts directly into her own vagina.

Me: Hey mom, watcha' watchin'?

Mom: Crossing Jordan.

Me: Why? All she does is fart directly into her vagina the whole fucking show aka bitch has a smelly fart pussy.
by The Blazin' AZN April 02, 2009
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