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The shit that comes out of your ass after eating McDonald's.

Explative representing the stuff that comes out of your butthole after eating McDonald's/
"Oh Shit, I had some McShat yesterday. I fucking shat all over the ground. I made a fuckin moron out of myself infront of my fiance and my family. I fucking lost my job and prospective life partner."FUCK!" "Goddamn you McShat"!

"After spending a lovely afternoon at Mcdonalds with my family, I felt something penetrating out of my ass; it was a McShat.

"i just mcshat myself"

"Moments after finishing my delicious double cheeseburger meal, i heard my stomach rumbling, maybe it was asking me what i just put in my body. Before i knew it i felt an uncontrolable rush of greasy, cheesy and bubbly McShat putting pressure on my rectum and forcing it's way out of my ass"

"Hey dude, wanna get some McShat after lecture today?"
by O'Shriver March 28, 2010
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