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The most amazing last name anyone could ever have. They're also usually the best looking people. It's either Irish or Scottish, which ever it is...they rock.
The McPherson's are the most attractive family on the block.
by dfizzem July 14, 2008
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McPherson is everything and anything. Anything or anyone. Do not enter a McPherson's patch. A McPherson is highly thought of and feared. Can be a violent ram.
Mcpherson: "HAVE THAT PUP!"
by McTavish Clan December 26, 2011
untrustworthy woman. Usually found sleeping around with members of the opposite sex in an office environment.
did you hear McPherson has been shagging another security guard?
by the beasty animal August 14, 2010
Bitter little man. Angry at the world for his own short comings as a reproducing male. Rarely seen outdoors during daylight hours, but easily distinguished by pasty white skin and grazed knuckles. Displays behaviour indicative of a future serial killer and should be approached with extreme caution.
“Stay away from that guy, he’s got that McPherson look about him”.

“Cheer up mate. Don’t be such a McPherson”
by Dethridge November 25, 2010

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