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(n) a very lethal expulsion of gas through the anus, characterized by being extremely warm and quiet, and is often used to strip paint

(v) {-ed,-ing} to let a McFart
McDonald's makes me McFart.
by BeardedFatass January 20, 2004
62 13
whenever you fart after eating mcdonalds
LOL omfg jerry just mcfarted!
by neitou September 06, 2007
29 9
The unique smelling fart you have after eating McDonalds food.
Come on Jeff! What the heck why did u McFart in my car!
by Pa2 Greggs February 24, 2009
35 24
Gas caused by consuming fast food.
You should have smelled the McFarts that those taco bell chulapas gave me!
by onewhoknew July 11, 2009
5 1