Your boyfriend wants anal and promises you a meal, takes you to McDonalds, and you pay for yours AND his!
Lad:Awwwwwww my ex wud neva let me av anal! your a propa safe bird u r!
i'll buy u a meal! make that ten burgers for me please dear!!! hey! ive forgot my wallet!
Chic: Well aint that just DANDY?
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
Plastic shaped to resemble food. With chemically produced smell and "taste". Despite there latest move into salad, they are still the crappiest "restaurant" in the known world. People only eat there, when they a) Can't cook, b) Are stupid, c) Are broke, d) All above. Therefore...
Shit, I had to have F***ing McD's for lunch...

Excuse me sir, how does one clog ones arteries in the shortest period of time?
by leichenhalle August 29, 2003
Inducing obesity since the dawn of time.

A place to get food you don't want and need, where you do not know how it is prepared.

Food that makes your heart hurt and something you know you shouldn't eat.

Cheap food that you regret eating later.
by Aimee Bee. May 16, 2009






Get It?
Don't Eat at McDonald's unless you want something to clean up.
by Mosher dude March 26, 2008
A 100% comercial capitalist organisation that sells people crap instead of food. People still buy it, though, because they're stupid and want to play with the little and useless toys they give with happy meals. Actually, it's a hidden alien organisation that wants to take over the world, and it seems to be doing very well at it.
by Nat July 28, 2003
A restaurant chain that strives to hire the dumbest fucktards to serve you the wrong order every time!
Me and my woman ran thru mcdonalds on the way home Friday night only to realize that when we got home,the dumb ass at the window gave us the wrong order like they do 9 out of 10 times!
by pipelayer24 June 24, 2013
A place where they used to sell good food but now the hamburgers dont even look like the ones in the commercial and are now overrun by employed Mexicans.
person #1: so wat u wanna eat today?

person #2: ummm Mc Donalds!!!

person #1: Hell Noooo...

awkward silence....

person #2: Chipotle??

person #1: Now your talkin
by Kibbylaflare January 16, 2010
The shittiest fast food restaurant and a perfect symbol of mass production. Most of their food tastes crappier than crap itself. They claim their burgers are 100% beef but we all know that includes the eyeballs, intestines and testicles.

most of the stuff i've ever gotten there is from their value menu. while the chicken and fries aren't bad, the burgers will give you diaharrea endlessly. among such examples are their "cheeseburgers" which come with a thin slice of meat hardly qualifying as an existing piece of matter, globs of ketchup, two spoiled looking pickles (which make the whole burger taste like pickle juice), some cheese and some onions. the beef is fucking gross and does not taste like it was cooked on a grill, instead just microwaved.

so many people eat here but it is a wonder why. most are incompetent fools who don't know what a good fast food restaurant place is or are cheap or cant cook. it is pretty unhealthy for you too: how would you like to die early AND eat shitty food? sadly all resturants are beginning to follow its poor food production. basically, they give you food poorly hashed together, slap a good price tag and mangage to sell it to millions.

oh yeah, and when you order, make sure to have a Spanish-to-English pocketbook at hand.
Don't ever eat at McDonald's, the shit they serve might be cheap but your better off going to a different restaurant like burger king who flame broil their burgers or carl's jr whose thick patties are mouthwatering. unless you're going for a chicken fix or some fries and an apple pie. pretty sad when their best rides aren't their main attraction.
by Bitch Cock April 29, 2009

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