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somehow means a mad face!
Yes my face so looks like an at @ sign when i'm mad!
joe- :@
kimberly- why you mad?
joe- cause ur a hoe!
kim- :@ i am not 2893727782938 guys is not hoe material
by coca October 30, 2003
From the terminator movie meaning that we can change the future, tho t3 screws the whole series up.
"the future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves"
by Coca December 26, 2003
german beer...mmmm
WHERE IS THE BECKS? i'm not drinking this molson candian shit!
by coca October 21, 2003
1. A small orange
2. A led zeppelin song
3. A really fat and lazy orange cat
1. Want a tangerine?
2. Have you heard Tangerine? it's good
3. Tangerine STOP EATING, it's been 3 hrs!
by Coca December 23, 2003
PRONOUNCE - aaahhh that was refreshing
do do do do dood, do do do ,do do
do do do do dood, always coca-cola

Wherever there's a pool there's always a flirt
anytime there's school, there'll always be homework
wherever there's a beat, there's always a drum
anytime there's fun there's always coca-cola... yeah.

The stars will always shine, the birds will always sing
As long as there is thirst, there's always the real thing
Coca-cola is always the one
Whenever there is fun, there's always coca-cola

do do do do dood, do do do ,do do (coca-cola)
do do do do dood, always coca-cola (ooh, ooh, oooh)

do do do do dood, do do do ,do do (doo dood do do doooh)
do do do do dood, always coca-cola
ME: Can i have a coke pls?
reatrd working at dairy queen: Is pepsi alrite?
ME: go fuckin run across the street to 7-11 and get me the real thing!
retard: BUT...
by coca October 21, 2003
1. a term used for canadian, simular of that Yankee is for Americans
2. A hockey team in Vancity BC with a hot coach (Marc Crawford)
also see cafucks casucks
1. Damn canucks coming south for the winter!
2. Marc Crawford, coach of the canucks, has a huge cock
by coca October 30, 2003
the part on your body at the end of your arms with fingers that you type with dumbass!
My hands are cold!
by coca October 31, 2003

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