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A relativly cool person, who can think of clever, but not particulary rude or offensive, funny comebacks on the top on their heads, making people laugh, not annoyed.
You find very few people who are genuinly witty..people just try too hard these days to be funny.
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
A word to describe someone or sometimes something thats tricky, devious, sly or shady
"I'd stay away from that cunning chap..he's pretty weird"
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
A talk show, hosted by Maury Povich, which usually focuses on fat woman who cheated on their lovers with their own brothers, and they're not sure if their babies are theirs.
"Robert, you are NOT the father"
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
Smelly runny juicy stuff that comes out of your anus. Fills up your toilet with runny remains and burns your asshole. Makes noises when comes out of your butt, like a squirty sound. Stinks up the bathroom and makes you gag when you wipe.
Diarrhea is gross, but everyone has it.
by Maybelline February 19, 2006
Bill Belicheat is the coach of the New England Patriots. He tapes opponents signals and also taped the St. Louis Rams before they upset them in Super Bowl XXXVI.

He is notorious for having no personality and walking off of the field before Super Bowl XLII was over, after the New York Giants beat them, knocking off their hopes for an unprecedented 19-0 season.
Maybe they didn't deserve the perfect season. Ever heard of karma, Bill Belicheat?
by Maybelline February 10, 2008
Internet abbreviation of "I don't really care"
anD23: some girl was talking about you in algebra..she was sayin how you are a slut
xxmorphinexx: you know what? people can talk all the shyt they want..idrc
by Maybelline October 04, 2005
anus sex, anal sex, pooper sex
leonardo da vinci was charged w.sodomy
by Maybelline September 09, 2005
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