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A really shit fast food resturant that forgets your chips when you drive through...
*McDonalds server hands over bag of food*
McDonalds server - enjoy your meal!

customer - thanks

*drives home*

customer - hey, WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY CHIPS??
(based on a true story)
by ashimattack February 09, 2008
when you are looking forward to something, but you are too immmature to resist adding an 'S' to exited

ash - i'm sexited!
by ashimattack February 09, 2008
originates from msn convos as a common misspelling of the word nice

or maybe its just me and toe...
msn convo:

toe - Hey! i got a brand new giant blink 182 poster!

ash - nive

toe - wtf?

ash - typo..
by ashimattack February 08, 2008
pretty much speaks for itself...

the person/thing that is the the most ultimate
jordan - hey ash, i like your new AAR shirt!

ash - isn't it just the ultimest?
by ashimattack February 05, 2008
1. nivea visage lip conditioner

2. a character in the all so popular story me and my cousin made about stuff from my pockets and some straws..
niv-dog, wanting to keep his identity secret but knowing he had to protect his friends, transformed into LIGHTSAVER DOG!
by ashimattack February 09, 2008
1)Something that Professional Parrots try to avoid/stay sober from

2)a Drug that is offered by mysterious strangers that resembles crack...
mysterious stranger - hey you, wanna but a cracker?

professional parrot - I'M TRING TO GIVE THAT UP GOD DAMMIT!!
by ashimattack February 09, 2008
a game from nintendo that involves a lot of gay people/wierd little animal things that take part in some extremely unrealistic and waaaay to dangerous games, but it is also really fun!
toadette - mushroom!

toad -BLEARGGH!!!

luigi - luigi like it like that!

2. mario party
by ashimattack February 09, 2008

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