Great head. A girl that's know how to suck a dick
Damn son she just gave me head and that shit was Mayhem
by smack records August 29, 2011
A violent black metal band.The original members (dead and euronymous)are dead.Some people say that if it was not for the murder and other crimes they would not be known.This is wrong of course they have talent!Other people say that the current line up is not the real mayhem.Bah please tell me that GDOW is not real mayhem!Fuck off to all nay-sayers mayhem rules if you dont like mayhem then go away and pleasure yourself with your grandma's dildo little faggot's
Hail dead,Hail euronymous,Hail MayheM,Death to count grishnackh!
by Chickenwing21 October 10, 2006
a fun, wonderful and colorful band that had a very good time stabbing the fuck out of each other. Any of their wonderful and creative albums is a must hear for all families. This is an excerpt from their jolly new album, named Kill Your Family In Your Sleep.
I had a good old fun time listening to that fun album, and I let loose and DANCED A LITTLE! oh, what fun. Then the headbanger potheads at the party all invited me to their meeting in the dark alley and then I must have been tired because I fell asleep. DUNDUNDUN
by TruthSpeaker August 18, 2004
Kenneth and William own this skateteam
A.k.A the twins
good ass skate team
yo brotha did u see that guy from mayhem bust out that 360 variel flip??
by brugge April 23, 2005
The originaters of The Fucking Shittiest music out there "Black Metal". A style of music which consists of outcasts and losers who cause havoc and think there cool for it,there music is terrible and pointless and its like listning to a very bad horror movie.
Jonny "hey i herd some guy in a band like named "mayhem" liked to do fucked up shit on stage and of stage, its like part of some black metal thing were these losers try to be even more outcasted"
Jimmy " Yeah,,,its just fucking lame"
by Jimmy Smits March 15, 2006
1. Probably the shittiest excuse for black metal ever. The likes of mayhem caused me to believe black metal was shitty for most of my life until I found out of some real black metal bands like Vinteriket, Arcturus and Darkspace.

Mayhem atracts idiot rampant teens who give black metal a bad name and let people think that black metal is about occultness and satanism or something.

The beautiful side of Mayhem is however that it murders itself out. Session member Varg Vikernes killed lead guitarist Euronimous and the lead vocallist Dead didn't feel like letting anyone take effort to it so he killed himself.

2. Good quality grannyporn.

3. The opposite of good black metal.
1. 'I listen Mayhem, therefore, I'm an uber poser and an idiot who actually things Mayhem is cool while in reality I'm laughed upon by people who are deeper into the black metal scene.'

2. I don't think I'm allowed to give an example of this.

3. Good(Mature) black metal albums:

Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia
Vinterriket - Der Letzte Winter
Darkspace - Dark Space I
The Kovenant - Nexus Polaris
Summoning - Minas Morgul

by Amar van Leeuwaarde June 04, 2006

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