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Deep inhalation if breath, immediately after waking up, or recovering from sleeping. (Opposite of yawn, a deep inhalation of breath indicating the need to go to sleep, or right before one goes to sleep.) The difference is the intent of the breath. If waking up - Mawn. If going to sleep - Yawn
Man takes a large breathe at work in the morning

Boss: "I hope that's a mawn! ha ha ha. I'm a douche."
by Fast Ramone August 30, 2009
Mow that lawn. Use in place of shave that bush. Tell a girl to mawn.
Hey go mawn before cheer leading tryouts!" or "Hey girl you better mawn, I heard that's how he likes it." or "Hey girl you better mawn before the big night!
by trolololler November 16, 2010
An erection first thing in the morning. Usually caused by Red Wine.
"I woke up with a steaming mawn, must have been all that red last night"
by Christle Mawson July 03, 2006