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basically the epidemy of a mother fucking bad ass who can get any girl that he desires. also, when you you come across Matto you will know from the aura that he releases and the swag he walks with. If you dont know Matto you should get to know him because he will rock your world.
wow....did you see that guy get pulled over...yea, he must of been a Matto
by thats what friends are for February 03, 2010
Mättö-Marli is a very good example of a nice mättö. a place called "Mättömesta" is usually a good fastfood place like PPK, or McDonalds where you can get "Lurulakus" or other good mättö.

Also you can choose to eat pizza / kebab / or anything with lots of sugar / fat / and calories on it.

"Ok guys who wants to eat some goddamn mättö?"

Would be a good example of people going to get mättö
by Harri Kiviniemi March 07, 2007

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