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The official drink of the Heightling Nation. Queen Alexandria I's 2nd favorite beverage, after half-and-half. Infinitely superior to pepsi.
Nothing beats drinking coke, eating peppermints and listening to the White Stripes with the Heightling Nation.
by TheRoyalGeneral April 27, 2004
A phrase used by Heightling Nation members to describe something especially cool. Originates from the fact that possums themselves are very cool, and of course that the word 'possum' rhymes with the word 'awesome'
"The White Stripes are awesome like a possum"-Queen Alexandria I
by TheRoyalGeneral May 01, 2004
An awesome j-pop band that sings about food on their 2 albums. They have a song, "Birthday Cake" on the soundtrack for the game JSRF.
After I borrowed a Cibo Matto album, I listened to 'Know Your Chicken' about 50 times in a row with my friend.
by TheRoyalGeneral July 10, 2004

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