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2 asian girls WITH accents who made the besta lbums of the 90s. not to mention one of the funniest videos in the world. see "Know Your Chicken"
Oh man, Cibo Matto's "Know Your Chicken" video featuring a giant, trumpet-playing, anarchy-t-shirt-wearing chicken is fawesome!
by charwash February 21, 2005
1. sound made when finger shanking someone

2. the act of finger shanking; usually done by forcefully jabbing one's thumb into another's body as if to reenact a prison shank
1. "Schook!" was the sound I made as I finger shanked Mandy in her stomach.

2. Jenny got schooked when she tried to steal my Snickers bar.
by charwash March 30, 2005
A Chicago art school located in the South Loop. Less pretentious than the School of the Art Institute. A few steps up from community college with 99% acceptance rate.
"I told my brother that I got into Columbia and he almost cried. Then I explained to him that I was not admitted into Columbia University, but, instead Columbia College and you could've cut the disappointment with a knife."
by charwash February 21, 2005

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