A sexy beast. Has a big brain, a big penis, and, once you get to know him, a big heart. Has lean mean muscles that he works out every other day. Can do 100 pushups in a minute while reciting a Shakespearean sonnet from memory. He is most likely a Taurus. When he sings or reads poetry, it is better than sex. Knows how to treat the ladies. Loves to read and write. Loves old movies, old music, old cars, and almost anything old fashioned. Is a man of few words, but when he speaks his mind, it means something. Is always prepared for the unexpected. Loves history and literature. Loves theatre. Wears simple, practical clothes, usually a black shirt with jeans and work boots. Loves being outdoors. Loves peace and quiet and time to think. Is an introvert, but will often go out of his way to help someone who needs it. Is usually a lone wolf. Seldom he smiles, but when he does it lights up the whole room. Carries himself like he is years older than he looks. A hard worker. A truly dedicated friend for those few who are lucky enough to be close to him.
Matt recited Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 for me. His voice is so smooth!

I want Matt to caress me with those deep, all-knowing eyes of his!

"Don't worry. Prepare." - Matt
by redhorse 59 May 16, 2011
An incredible guy. Amazing in every sense. He's a smooth-talker, but he means everything he says. He'll treat you like a princess, has an adorable laugh and a bright smile. Usually very cheerful and optimistic, despite how horrible the situation may be. Can be harsh at times for good reasons, but the amazing qualities cancel that out. The name Matt means "Gift of God".
Matt is loyal, lovable, honest, sexy, and funny.

I'm lucky to have a Matt.
by Q-tip Lover November 18, 2010
A guy who has made mistakes in his past, but is changing. He truly wants to be a better person, and is currently in that process. He may not be the partying type, but he is trying to please others by changing in that aspect too. Matt's are usually great boyfriends who would do anything for their other half. This guy just wants one more shot to make it right.
Matt is at this party? I didn't think he was a partier?
by anotherchance July 19, 2009
That guy is so a matt!
by Alaura Lackey August 31, 2008
A man of great integrity; a warrior with a heart.

An unobtainable object of desire.
That Matt is so sexy, it's too bad he's married.
by FBkiddo February 03, 2010
a guy who has hair on his chest and gets A's on his tests.
Matt is so amazing. i want his sexy beard on my nipples.
by Danelleys November 15, 2010
The cutest boy you will ever meet. Always thoughtful and usually doing the right thing when those around him are doing harm. Loving and amazing are some words to describe him. If you meet a Matt, you will never regret it. If your a girl and feeling like sh*t, Matt will be there. Matt says the most perfect things to cheer a lady up. Always energetic around his guy friends, always making them laugh. PLEASE go out and enjoy your time with a Matt before its too late
Maddie: hey, im feeling like crap today, i need someone to talk to.

Jen: well i cant talk now, but Matt will most definitely cheer you up!!
by 12345678987654321abcd April 21, 2011

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