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Boy who is obessed with pasta.
That Matt is such a pasta lover!

I know, who isn't?
by pastaluver June 12, 2009
the cute guy with the hazel eyes that never end and who is the sweetest ever.
Matt took me out to go and watch the stars on a clear nite.
by hidden beauty February 27, 2007
The greatest boyfriend any girl could ever have. He is extremely attractive, funny and an absolute sex god in bed.
Every girl wants a matt, but only a small few are lucky enough to ever have anything half as good as him.
by pancake678 October 19, 2010
A bug, or a troll.
Lives off the satisfaction of trolling others
For Example, opening loud crinkly pretzel bags during tests
Likes to move hands around while talking
If the troll starts to walk towards you, beware and run the opposite direction.
Friend 1: Ugh, I just met some horrible monster who got on my nerves.
Friend 2: Was it Matt?
Friend 1: How did you know?!
by cheery chaplin April 24, 2013
The type of person you never want to let go. He will be everything you ever need and want at one point and the next have you crying. TAKE PERCAUTION. Matt also has a great way of making you fall in LOVE with him and once that happens there's no going back.
Yeah sure he's cuteand he'll always make you laugh but Matt is Untameable and beyond Rebellious.
by I miss you... September 25, 2011
A really awesome guy!!! He's so hot you could bake cookies on him! He is a really funny guy. He always has a great smile and personality!!
Hey here comes Matt, OH SWEET, he is sssoooo cool
by pepsi+J&G=:) July 05, 2011
Noun - generally used as a boy's name and he is normally a cunt
- Me: Hey Matt
- Matt: Fuck off whore
by Awesomeguyandsuch April 19, 2013