Usually describing a male that is way out of your league. He may be a senior, and possibly may be in love with your best friend even though she betrayed him, for lack of a better word. If you are a Matt, you are probably one of the hottest guys in your school. A freshman of some sort probably likes a Matt because of his way of understanding and his abilty to make you smile no matter what. A Matt will bring you food when neccisary, and has no problem picking you up at two am if needed; therefore, a Matt is a good, (no great!) friend. A Matt has little problem sharing his opinion. Also, a Matt may have an interest in the Marines, or another branch of that sort. Matt's usually have troubled lives, but always has a friend to talk to. Generally, a Matt being as hott as he is, has girls all over him, but not always. Of course, Matts are clueless to everything that goes on around them, so they wouldnt know anyway.

A Matt is an all around good person. I'd love to date one. (If only I could...)
"Look at that Matt! If only my boyfriend could be more like him..."
by HSHS(: February 11, 2009
A guy that is easy to fall in love with. Every girl wil have at least one Matt in her life. Matt's usually are easy to fall in love with. They are the long relationship type. If you haven't fallen for a Matt one of your friends have. When you date a Matt he changes everything. You will do anything for him. If he breaks up with you then you will always have feelings for him. You are lucky to have a Matt. Their names are common but they are rare. Amazing kissers. Perfect in everyway. Usually Tall and Blonde.
"Omg I love my boyfrend matt he is the best!"
"I am so jealous of her she dates Matt"
by namerrr June 04, 2009
A truly remarkable guy, known for being sweet and the definition of perfection.

Any girl too fall into his arms is lucky. But luckily i have him. He's someone

you'll want to hold onto forever and never ever let go of. A person you'll die

in the arms with because your love is so strong it takes you away. Someone who

takes your breath away with amazing kisses and has the sweetest smell and the

softest skin. Someone who makes the absolutely perfect boyfriend/best

friend/husband/ and life long companion<3
i love my matt<3
by Indian092108 June 01, 2009
An amazing person (usual of the male gender) that is overly sweet and irresitable. The perfect person.
Person 1: Oh wow, look at that kid, he is SUCH a Matt!
by kornluver298 January 08, 2009
A boy who's incredible, he'll take your breath away and can make you smile at the littlest things he doesn't even know he's doing. He can make you feel those butterflies in the pit of your stomach with the sound of his voice. This boy will love you as long as you love and care about him and his problems also.
Girl 1: This boy named Matt, he made me smile the way he made fun of me on the phone.

Girl 2: Wow, that sounds like an incredible boy you've met.
by Imperfectgirl November 07, 2009
When will there be words to describe this person. He's the person who will cause these symptoms: lack of words, breath and attention to anything surrounding you two, heart poundage, and an addiction. You'll never once in this world find a person like them, one who can stare at a wall but think of millions more. One who can talk to every girl that flirst with him but still manages to make you feel like your the only girl that is existent on this shitty planet. One day you'll find the words to give to this non human person, because a person like him at least deserves to know how amazing he is. How he can steal you and give you the choice to go, but you'll never once take the option to leave. You'll never want to leave. He's created something special. Love.
by Cara-yeahit'sgirly December 28, 2010
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