An amazing person (usual of the male gender) that is overly sweet and irresitable. The perfect person.
Person 1: Oh wow, look at that kid, he is SUCH a Matt!
by kornluver298 January 08, 2009
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A guy who grabs his female best friend's ass because he knows he can get away with it.
I can't believe my buddy just pulled a Matt!
by Bellamiele February 06, 2008
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to win , awesome.
Your so matt win!
by BisFitty July 10, 2009
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An amazing person who everybody likes.
Dont you just love Matt.
by Ajslykiller June 16, 2011
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A big dude. Matt has a dick that is about as tall as mount Everest, and it has the ability to tear 8 asses in one night. This guy goes straight into the pussy because he sucks at foreplay, and he is too cheap to go and get some lube. This results in the pussy being dry, crispy, and juiceless. It just ends up feeling like a cut being split open! Making out with him feels like a small baby fish being shoved into your mouth. Matts are nice in person, but once they go online they become little pervs.
Matt: Hey bro
Lucy: Hey
Matt: I'm gonna stick it in
Lucy: Ouch
by Dongmom February 25, 2017
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A kid that literally made out of fucking glass. Broke more shit then as many things Derek rose has injurys. Never comes to school always has an excuse
Top 10 excuses

-10 bronchitis in the foot

-9 Matt day

-8 went to go get a drink

-7 sorry guys I had to go to shop and stop with my mom and12 at night

-6 my 13 sibling were blocking the door

-5 didn't feel like going

-4 sorry didn't feel like going to school this month

-3 yeah not going to school this year just one year what's it going to do

-2 I'm dropping out I can always come back

-1 I was making my lunch until it grew arms and snapped my great
by Alex T August 16, 2016
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Caucasian savage who has long eyebrows and a gap bigger then the amount of immigrants From Africa
" wow this guys gap is huge" wow he must be a matt
by Redlicker444 December 04, 2016
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