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The nickname Matt derives from the name Matthew, a Greek form of the name Mattiyahu. It is often associated with Saint Matthew, one of the twelve apostles.
I didn't like the name Matthew, so I call myself Matt.
by Olivia__West January 18, 2011
87 36
A sex beast. He always has a very large penis, balls, and can do "sexual activities" longer than any other male human being. All around totally AMAZING, but is the absolute BEST at sex!
Girl 1-Wow, that guy is such a Matt!
Girl 2-I know! And he's SOOO good at sex!
by GuitarCrazyManiac February 02, 2010
92 42
Totally Chill, Totally awesome, nd has the bestest friends in the world...(Teebz)
Matt is the kid tht gets a book dropped on his desk 4 sleeping in class lol
by Teebz Cav November 19, 2009
90 40
This extremely hot amazing guy. Hes really funny and flirts with all the girls. When your around him hes all you see and when you arent around him hes all you want. Once you like him Its really hard to get over him. And when you are getting over him he somehow just comes back into your life(: It may be meant to be
Girl: Yay im finally over him!
Bestfriend: Right
Matt: Hey!(:
Girl: Damn! Nevermind Im not over him anymore):
Bestfriend: *rolls eyes
by Musicismylife44 October 29, 2011
81 35
to win , awesome.
Your so matt win!
by BisFitty July 10, 2009
84 42
An amazing person who everybody likes.
Dont you just love Matt.
by Ajslykiller June 16, 2011
89 51
A Matt (or just Mat) will make the best boyfriend/guyfriend ever. With their awesome blue eyes, and heart-melting smile it's hard not to fall for them. They are different, in a beautiful way. Even though they've had a bad past, you'll never know it. They are really strong people, and they change for the better. They are there when you need them, and they value their friendships. They like to look good at times, and dress well usually. Handsome, and charming. Kinda successful at life, make great Dads. Are very good at one or two sports, but an all round sporty guy. Known to be players sometimes but when they meet that special girl, their sold. Matt's come off as tough most of the time, but deep down, their soft side comes out and you see the sweet gentleman in them. They're not popular, but not a loner either. Friends love them, and some guys want to be him. They have a really laid back attitude about themselves, but at the same time they can be the life of the party. Even though they can be a jerk at times, they mean well and are really the nicest guys ever. If you have a Matt, don't let him go. None other compares.
Girl 1: Matt is a catch he likes you
Girl 2: Yeah but idk
Girl 1: think about it hes perfect for you!
Girl 2: Yeah he is a real good Matt isn't he!
by Know it all jimmy bob June 03, 2013
49 13