The love of my life<3 Someone who has a big heart and you will never forget.
My ex- boyfriend, matt.
by iloveyoubaby<3 April 11, 2011
an amazing boy with gorgeous brown eyes. he's always ridiculously nice and gives fantastic hugs.
matt always makes me feel all fluttery when i look into his eyes.
by *sigh* yo mama January 15, 2011
has a big cock and is great in bed he never stops and is a party animal
matt rocked my world last night and the night before that he is simply a beast
by Matt the beast September 22, 2008
A sexy beast. Has a big brain, a big penis, and, once you get to know him, a big heart. Has lean mean muscles that he works out every other day. Can do 100 pushups in a minute while reciting a Shakespearean sonnet from memory. He is most likely a Taurus. When he sings or reads poetry, it is better than sex. Knows how to treat the ladies. Loves to read and write. Loves old movies, old music, old cars, and almost anything old fashioned. Is a man of few words, but when he speaks his mind, it means something. Is always prepared for the unexpected. Loves history and literature. Loves theatre. Wears simple, practical clothes, usually a black shirt with jeans and work boots. Loves being outdoors. Loves peace and quiet and time to think. Is an introvert, but will often go out of his way to help someone who needs it. Is usually a lone wolf. Seldom he smiles, but when he does it lights up the whole room. Carries himself like he is years older than he looks. A hard worker. A truly dedicated friend for those few who are lucky enough to be close to him.
Matt recited Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 for me. His voice is so smooth!

I want Matt to caress me with those deep, all-knowing eyes of his!

"Don't worry. Prepare." - Matt
by redhorse 59 May 16, 2011
A "Matt" is the end of a hand-rolled cigarette that you mistaken for a roach.

Guy #1: Dude! Check out the roach I found in your coffee can full of cigarette butts!
Guy #2: Smells like tobacco to me - it's probably just another Matt.

by wvdrtnsf February 04, 2009
An incredible guy. Amazing in every sense. He's a smooth-talker, but he means everything he says. He'll treat you like a princess, has an adorable laugh and a bright smile. Usually very cheerful and optimistic, despite how horrible the situation may be. Can be harsh at times for good reasons, but the amazing qualities cancel that out. The name Matt means "Gift of God".
Matt is loyal, lovable, honest, sexy, and funny.

I'm lucky to have a Matt.
by Q-tip Lover November 18, 2010
One who is adressed as Matt usually cause his name is Matthew it is said matts are the most faithful and loyal people in the world, typically he is either a leo, scorpio or libra. He comes on strong and always means what he says (even if he denies it). Is almost always the brave one though looking at him you would doubt it.
Woman1: Wow yo are so lucky to be dating Matt

Woman2: Yah, I know he has never even looked at another girl since he has been with me
by Roflcopter goes fwapa June 25, 2009
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