cute, sweet, nice, adorable. funny as hell.
trys to show off, but it still works.
friends with just about everyone.
everyone loves him.
hard to read.
says one thing but then says it;s a lie.
you'll like him and never get over it.
drives you crazy. but you dont care.
can be very confusing to you but is still amazing.
matt is an amazing perssoonnn :D
by damnyoumotherfucker April 07, 2009
Someone who will break into your house, have consensual sex with your girlfriend, play some Xbox 360, and fuck up your day with a light saber because Matt does not give a fuck. He is an all powerful Jedi Master who makes shit levitate with his mind and can bring any girl to have multiple orgasms just by touching her cheek.
1. Damn man I think my house just got a fucking Matt in it.

2. Man you must be a Matt because I have never seen so many girls be attracted to one dude.
by Taozoo4u March 08, 2011
Masturbating After Touching Titties.


Masturbating After Touching Testicles.
Fundita: Fundo saw Matt at the strip club.
Fundala: Which strip club?
Fundita: I never asked his preference.
by authOOr February 15, 2007
a cute, adorable, sweet, random, funny, werid, and slightly insane boy. can make you smile no matter what is going on or how mad you are at him. and will make you cry at the littlest things. he shows equal affection to every girl he knows, and because of that will probably end up breaking your heart. he's a lover not a fighter. but doesnt know how powerful his words can be. he always thinks he's done something wrong or screwed up in some way. he will always keep you wondering what is going on inside his head. and always keep you wondering on whether or not what he's saying is true. you will love and hate him all at the same time. but you will never want to leave him.
matt's so cute, but he'll go godzilla on you!
by shananagans01 February 04, 2010
a word used to describe a sexy male homosapien in his prime of life. often times a Sexy Beast who is known to get with the ladies. Using sexual innuendos a matt carefully picks out his babe and executes with precision.
Shanon: Hey, look at that matt over there, hes a beast
Lin: Ahhhh, I know what you mean! Let's go over there!
by Dolphins69 March 11, 2008
Matt is a very creative and extremely ambitious person. He is not afraid to break the rules sometimes and have fun, but he knows where the boundaries lie. Matt has a serious side to him, but he is also goofy and fun. He is responsible, trustworthy, intelligent, and kind. He knows what he believes in and sticks to it. He is respectful to both others and himself. Matt knows how to enjoy the little and beautiful things in life, like sunsets and stargazing. He has great taste in music and in movies. He has excellent moral standards for both himself and those with whom he surrounds himself. Matt is the kind of guy who makes you want to become a better person, and once you know him, you won't forget him.
Matt is the one of the greatest friends I've ever had!
by Vubaluberubie July 18, 2010
matt is a person who is easy to fall for with his good looks and amazing personality, but he can be extremely hard to read. When you spend time with him he's sweet and lovable but when your away from each other you'll be confused if he even likes you as a friend or not. And not to mention you'll miss him like crazy. When matt DOES have a girlfriend, he will be a very good boyfriend, and treat her well. BEWARE because matt will leave you confused for a LONG time, and you won't be able to give up or forget about him.
Girl 1: Does matt hate me or something?
Girl 2: I dont know...hes so confusing.
by rose2088 October 01, 2011
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