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The most awesome of awesome numbers. For the main fact that 8 is just an up right infinity sign, and since all true logic is INFINITE. 8 must be the most powerful number to ever exist. With out 8 we would never be full, without 8, 7! would of never _ 9! WITHOUT 8 WE WOULD TURN 9 AFTER 7!!!!
So you say, "what could possibly be more powerful?" NEGATIVE 8! The anti infinite, it does EVERYTHING 8 does, but also negative. -8 actually owned 8 in a fight. It's the dark side of 8, and let's face it it. We all LOVE the darkside...
I <3 -8

-8 8 EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by xDJ RaV GirL September 24, 2010
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