Sex with someone I love.
- Woody Allen
Don't knock masturbation -- it's sex with someone I love.

Woody Allen in Annie Hall, 1977
#wank #woody #pr0n #self #joke
by mandingoe November 07, 2005
The Sole Purpose Of Myspace Pictures
I pulled up Jennies myspace and worked on my masturbation
#myspace #orgasm #sex #pleasure #hand job
by calikid January 28, 2007
give yourself a handjob by rubbing your hand up and down or inside (for women) your genitals.
masturbation is the greatest sex orgasm
#masterbation #fuck #hand job #jerk #wank
by anal fucker May 01, 2008
When a man or woman touches themselves on their fun parts to create an amazing sensation similar to sex.
If masturbation were in the olympics, I'd win the gold medal.
#jacking off #fingering #dildoes #vibrators #jill off
by A girl who masturbates March 28, 2010
Masturbation is perfectly natural. almost all guys do this:

Wait until your home alone or at night,
then go to your room and close the door.
take off all your clothes and grasp your penis in any or both hands. (make sure yiu have a box off kleenex near by)
then slowly begin to rub your penis until you get to a pace you like,
then rub faster at your choice of pace,
then rub really fast until you ejaculate which feels really awsome,
then wipe up the sperm (or in some cases, lick it up) this is best done while sitting in a chair or lying down, looking at porn or other sources of hornyness
well, im off do some masturbation, bye (dont listen to anyone who says its bad for you, its completely healthy.... just dont do it before you fuck a hoe or she'll be dissapointed
#masturbate #ejaculate #sperm #sex #horny #boner #penis
by some guy 500 March 20, 2009
an activity that every man has participated in.
You're into masturbation so why do you deny it?
#masturbation #masturbate #cooling off #porn #slutty freaks #behind closed doors
by it's like shaving March 29, 2010
Masturbation is a healthy excercise which is done by(and this is a fact)94% of male population and 70% of female population. Nicknames:five-finger shuffle,mastering the joystick,answering the bone-a-phone,stroking the salami,bobbing your balogna,choking the chickem,punishing the pigman,Erupting ol' faithful,pummeling the puppet, so on and so forth...
Guy: Masturbation is the greatest
Friend: I no man i punished the pied piper 7 times last night
Guy: pShhhhh i stroke the salami 24!
#masturbater #stroking #jacking #relieving #genitals
by Hans Schcwarz January 27, 2007
To fuck oneself
me: Why don't you just go and fuck yourself?
boyfriend: *goes off to do some masturbation*
#orgasm #danielgasm #climax #sex #masturbate
by Guinevere134 June 12, 2009
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