sexual stimulation of especially one's own genital organs by bodily contact apart from sexual intercourse and usually by use of the hand
Bob could never get any "real" sex so he decided that he was going to masturbate instead.
by i r sexy August 26, 2005
The use of improvisational means to obtain sexual gratification in the absence of a partner.

Because the word "masturbation" sounds kind of boring, people have come up with an absurd amount of euphemisms for what is essentially sex without a partner.
I tried to look up "masturbation" on UD, but the constant use of euphemisms and the lack of a real definition drove me crazy.
by Anonymous debunker of myths October 16, 2009
Something a man has no choice to resort to when most of the women he messes with:

a.) are at work
b.) are at school
c.) don't feel like fucking
d.) don't feel like PICKING UP THE GOD DAMNED PHONE!!!!
No examples for masturbation needed! You know damn well what I'm talking about, and if not, TOO GOD DAMNED BAD!
by YungPimp June 20, 2007
A way for men or women to deal with problems without getting up. terms for men include: jerk off, rub one out, beat off, wack ones turkey, and shoot clue goo. In a womens case it could be Fingering and flicking the bean around or use a dildo.
How to use masturbation in a conversation.

For a man, "hey steve, wanna play some B-Ball?"
"Nah im kinda tired, im gonna go home, put on the Tv, rub one out and take a nap.

women do not usually discuss this subject but if they did it would go a little something like this.
"hey jacky, want to go to the mall?"
"I think im going to go back to the car and flick my bean around."
"Im going to go home and check my myspace and punch my cat"
by Bobsaget,dannytanner January 06, 2008
cheating on your girlfriend without cheating.
ive manage to sleep with 20 girls and still keep my wife. thank you masturbation
by rfgbx9 December 28, 2009
The act of self-stimulation to produce pleasure. Often misconceived as a mortal sin.
Types of masturbation: regular masturbation or mutual masturbation.
by DarthVadarStrikesAgain November 29, 2007
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