The act of one touching their body.
To do with pumping your weiner, or
using to fingers to circulate the
I'm so stressed out I've been working all day, my boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't want sex. He told me I should try doing some
masturbation. It was enough pleasure to pass as sex.
by JelloBello March 30, 2009
The loneliest number that you'll ever do.
Billy opted for masturbation, because it's just no good anymore since she went away.
by fubsish June 26, 2010
If you don't know what is it, then you should try it!
Guy 1: Masturbation is the best thing!
Guy 2: Nope! Sex is better. Maybe you should try it!
by belgyilkos December 29, 2007
When you have nothing else to do and are really bored:)and well you dont have the helping hand of your mate or hid dick or vag..enjoy
tom had to use a bit of his masturbation skills as his girlfriend was too pissed off at him
by lollipoppar January 17, 2010
the best trick you can do with your hand ever!
sorry i couldn't go to the movies.i was performing masturbation.
by rallllllllio May 06, 2009
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