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The loneliest number that you'll ever do.
Billy opted for masturbation, because it's just no good anymore since she went away.
by fubsish June 26, 2010
the best trick you can do with your hand ever!
sorry i couldn't go to the movies.i was performing masturbation.
by rallllllllio May 06, 2009
The act of rubbing one's own penis, until orgasm. It is common to use lotion for lubrication and/or extra pleasure, but it dries your penis out. Instead, you should use water-based lubricates.
Jason loves to masturbation. He masturbates in the shower for hours because he's a horny mess
by Ripe Cheese July 10, 2008
the art of pleasure.
I was feeling so horny after i saw that girl fucking on tv, masturbation was in order.
I began to rub.. slowly at first, gradually getting faster, faster, FASTER.. until OH!! OH!! OH FUCK! OH!!
and thus the art of pleasure was done.
by hornyfuckingbiatch March 14, 2009
If you don't know what is it, then you should try it!
Guy 1: Masturbation is the best thing!
Guy 2: Nope! Sex is better. Maybe you should try it!
by belgyilkos December 29, 2007
He's shaking hands with the unemployed, just like a politician at the Unemployment Office.



Oh, of course!
by Downstrike September 19, 2006
to play with one's self while still in one's pants
masturbate, fondle the gonads, masturbation
by Lev Mattis Yahu January 12, 2009