A Kick-Ass marine from the future. He's so bad-ass that he killed whole fucking race of aliens and then went home to nail his artifical bitch. He's so bad-ass that when he takes off his Helmet it's Chuck Norris. Nuf Said.
"Master Chief'll fuck a nigga up"

by Duh Boi February 18, 2009
The most kick-ass person in the whole fucking world,
Omg Master Chief is a fuckin' rapist!
by teh h4x0rz!!1! July 27, 2008
a dude on the halo series
OMG its masterchief!!! were safe now!!!
by roflcopterasaurus October 14, 2009
The most amazing fuckin' war hero EVER. He completely pwned a whole alien race on a ring planet and can run fast. He also wears some pretty fuckin sexxxy armor. He is the equal to 1337, Pwned, Owned, and anything else in that category.
Geek 1:"Yo (insert name here) Master Chief completely pwnz.
Geek 2(the one who somehow SPEAKS in 1337):"i kn0, h3 i5 p2377y 4w350m3."

2 guys fighting over first player in Halo 3.
Dude 1:"I wanna pwn as Master Chief."
Dude 2:"well im sure as shit not bein arby, he's a gay alien. Im bein master chief"
Dude 1:(while pucnching dude 2 in the face)"fuck u im bein Master Chief. And y shud u be, u didnt even capitalize his name in your quote."
by flamingicicle April 29, 2009
The most badass character in the Halo series.
"We've all run the simulations, they're tough, but they ain't invincible. Stay with the Masterchief, he'll know what to do.
by Arori4 August 23, 2010
A pretty cool guy who kills aleins.
Master Chief wants YOU to enlist in the UNSC!
by Ecksbawks September 18, 2009
1. The main character of the first 3 halo games (Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3, respectively). He is an advenced supersoldier, comonly reffered to as a Spartan. Chief's full name is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

2. Commonly reffered to as Mastur Ch33f, Master Chief is the parter of The Arbiter (or as Ch33f says, Arbitur). All that is known of him is that He r guy hoo gun t33ch u l3ss0n.
Hello I am Master Chief lololololololololol
by Nate Dizzle Fo Rizzle My Nizzl March 18, 2010

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