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2 definitions by Urbanium


1. a masturbatory handkerchief.
Cheech: Hey man, you should light that subpoena up, dude.
Chong: No man, I'm gonna use it as a Master Chief.
by Urbanium January 19, 2010
noun -

1. A political system governed by a dog.
April: Did you see that stupid broad?
May: What broad?
April: That bitch is bein' walked by her dog!
May: Haha, her house gotta be a straight plutocracy!

Jim: Didja hear who they elected as the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky?
Bob: Nah bro, who?
Jim: Goofy! A DOG! Can you believe it?
Bob: Looks like that town's a real plutocracy!
by Urbanium January 20, 2010