The most amazing soldier in all of history. As a Spartan II, he was trained to be the best soldier ever. He has saved thousands of galaxies and planets, and is definitely better than Spartacus, pie, the muffin man, and cute puppies. Do not anger his epicness.
Master Chief: Hey ladies, I just got back from saving the universe.

by The God of Halo 4 December 27, 2012
Playing Halo, getting a blowjob, while smoking a blunt.
Dude, last night my girlfriend surprised me with a Master Chief.
by M3TALxSLUG August 23, 2012

1. a masturbatory handkerchief.
Cheech: Hey man, you should light that subpoena up, dude.
Chong: No man, I'm gonna use it as a Master Chief.
by Urbanium January 19, 2010
the man who gave Hitler the idea to start his own genocide
Hitler-"I see that Master chief can kill an entire race, I bet I can to and get away with it! its brilliant!"
by Th3on3andonlylov3r March 25, 2011
A man in his mid-late 40's who spends most of his spare time at the beach. Often seen wearing an army cap, aviators and short swimming shorts.

Usually in pretty good physical condition, he is fully aware of this and likes to show it off. The Master Chief will do this by spending the majority of the day standing up with his arms folded, casually observing everything that goes on around him as if he's the master of all he surveys.

It is for this reason that some have also come to describe the Master Chief as the Master of the Beach.

The Master Chief may or may not be married. In cases where Master Chief is married, his wife will often sit on the beach for the majority of the day with the couples offspring and not communicate with her husband unless he speaks to her first.

In cases where Master Chief is not married he will move from spot to spot on the beach and quietly observe. It is this behaviour which highlights the difference between the un-married Master Chief and the Archetypal Old Mate, as the Old Mate will move from spot to spot on the beach and actively seek to engage others in (often unwanted) communication.

The first Master Chiefs were originally found in France in the latter part of the 20th Century but since then have spread to every continent in the world.
Master Chief casually observed the antics of the other sun lovers on the beach in a calm and calculcated manner
by cheremiah September 05, 2010
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