Very cute, tree-hugging, overbearing, mop-shaped girlfriend of Homestar.
Marzipan wanted to have a luau with tofu.
by Katie May 16, 2003
Homestar's girlfriend, a seriously deformed character that's sweet, kind, nd an annoying bi- I mean, tree-hugger. She rocks. Yep.
Making Out With Marzipan!
The Cheat... the cheat...
by Jigglyman January 13, 2003
A mop shaped character without any sign of legs or arms. Uses big words like "monitor".
"Marzipan is a &%^#$@"
by MedievalKenieval August 31, 2003
the hippie of who is homestars girl friend.see kind of reminds me of my friend emma.
by joyrock August 24, 2003
homestars girl friend who a hippie who looks like a mop.I wunder how homestar got a girl friend and not strong bad.
by joyrock August 23, 2003
n:Homestar runner's girlfriend.
likes to sing, loves animals, hates meat.
"what should I get Marzipan for her birthday?"
by jack November 26, 2003
She's got a pink baseball shaped head, and a blond pigtail. She has a purple dress on and no arms.
She likes prank calls from StrongBad. She doesn't want HomeStar to any more strudle.
by Jeff November 04, 2003

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