1) a pastry of sorts, made of almonds, sugar, flour, and sometimes topped with cocoa powder. Doubles up as a sponge, kinda chewy, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
2) A hippie girl, girlfriend of Homestarrunner, who plays a guitar but plays it wrong, eats tofu and nothing except, and looks like some sorta baseball bat smashed through the top end of a huge purple bell.
Marzipan: Put that freakin' sandwich down!
by unknown November 18, 2003
makes you wonder how homestar got a girlfriend and you didn't.
by kittieprydeness June 25, 2003
The most bizarre and unique and cherished object in the world. Known for its extreme mystery. Also found in chocolate.
"Hey Whats up?", "Nothing much man...MARZIPAN!"
#awesome #mysterious #chocolate #randyman savage #rachel
by Bonerrrrrr April 02, 2009
An independant yet whiney skinny blond girl who doesn't seem to realize she could have anyone on of the guys to herself (see also: Uglypan)
Strongbad trying to do Marzipan's voice on her answering machine: "Hi Oh, hello Marzipan... start calling yourself Uglypan."
by Aaron December 08, 2003
A tasty German agg pastry. Usually in the shapes of letters.
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
kills all the jokes on homestarrunner.com, not funny either
Wow, that joke was as funny as Marzipan
by Leeg June 10, 2003
Very cute, tree-hugging, overbearing, mop-shaped girlfriend of Homestar.
Marzipan wanted to have a luau with tofu.
by Katie May 16, 2003
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