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3 definitions by Jigglyman

The first and only media character on the net that it fun, crazy, awesome-voiced, and virtually a drug. A GOOD drug, mind you.

Oh, just visit homestarrunner.com!
There are many-a-word that are very strange. One being: banana. Banana had three a's, two n's, and one b. Where's HOMESTAR RUNNER the originality? I mean, it could've been called: "Weird Crescent Shaped Fruit o' Doom." Or maybe: "A Fruit that is so shi- oh shoot, time's up.
by Jigglyman January 13, 2003
Ninety-seven (97) is a number that comes before ninety-eight (98). It is used to tell when there are 97 of something.
There are 97 nuclear bombs going off in our town!
by Jigglyman July 04, 2003
Homestar's girlfriend, a seriously deformed character that's sweet, kind, nd an annoying bi- I mean, tree-hugger. She rocks. Yep.
Making Out With Marzipan!
The Cheat... the cheat...
by Jigglyman January 13, 2003