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The act of kissing fervently, (i.e. frenching) while also engaging in various acts of rubbing, touching, and optional groping.
"Hey Marzipan, lets go make out!"
by kittieprydeness June 25, 2003
cannot be ignited in flames - fire retardant
"why won't he catch fire? his pajamas must be inflammable!"
by kittieprydeness June 25, 2003
1)man who masturbates excessively
2)white man who yells "i gots da bling bling" every morning and actually thinks he does
3) anyone who deserves to be called such a name as fucker, asshole, retard, dumbshit, etc.
1) well, i'm not really horny, but I think I'll go jack off just for the hell of it
2) "i gots da bling bling yo yo, yea i'm da shizzat yo"
3) christian people.
by kittieprydeness June 25, 2003
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