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ok, i was reading these definitions and i came to the conclusion that i have never heard anyone in my life say P-Town what a loser (Bamma 4 life). That was definitley not cool.

1. Everyone needs to stop referring to Maryland as "ghetto". Most people in Maryland are from Middle-Class America. Whether it be from lower or upper its still Middle.

2. Maryland is not just Annapolis or any other cracker-county or city you can think of. Where you eat crabs and sail on yatchs and love the Navy.

3. Maryland is divided up into 3 parts. DC Metro (PG,Montgomery,Northern Virginia also and maybe Fredrick county), Baltimore (Anne Arundel,Charles,Howard, Calvert,) and anything else that nobody wants to claim.

4. Even though Prince Georges county might be "ghetto" there is alot of contrast even in that county. You have the extremely rich and you have the 9th Ward (DC's Annex). P.G County is the richest black county in the Nation. Look it up.

5. Marylanders do not have accents. We just cant pronnounce the letter "R". Its Murrland. Drop that "Y" also thats how we can tell your from the north.
Maryland is one of the better states that was adopted into the union.
by Qu.Great November 16, 2006
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the only state in the shape of a hand-gun
Which state is in the shape of a handgun? Oh yeah, Maryland.
by zbfunk August 31, 2010
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i live in maryland, so i know what im talking about. blue state bc of baltimore and pg county, but republican in the crazy rich counties. its not southern (except for in the very southern counties and the eastern shore). annapolis - a drinking town with a sailing problem. the annapolitan uniform is khaki pants, a navy blazer, and docksiders (no socks). middies are the dates du jour for all the high school girls in the annapolis area. all those middies running around downtown are a beautiful sight to see! most marylanders dont have an accent, except b-more (hun) and the eastern shore (m r ducks). bmore - truly ghetto but we love it anyways. yay for seafood! if you dont play lacrosse in elementary and high school, you might as well not live in maryland (especially in Anne Arundel County).
rich suburbs, ghetto city, hick farmlands, we got it all!
by tralala August 16, 2005
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I was born in Maryland, live there, and have lived there all my life; I don't like crabs or seafood. How fucking ironic is that???

Yeah i agree with you all. Baltimore IS one big ghetto.

Oh, by the way, our state motto is not "free state" that's one of our nicknames. Our motto is "manly deeds, womanly words" or "strong actions, gentle words". seriously. I'm not kidding, look it up.
Maryland: the finest state around when it comes to crabs, seafood, sailing and lots of other stuff.
by futuretrucker January 23, 2005
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I live in Maryland. It's the best state. I don't care what anybody says, it's a Southern state! We have Southern chains like Waffle House and Hardee's and Family Dollar. Some people in Maryland also talk like Southerners.

Maryland's largest city is Baltimore. Its capital city is Annapolis. It has a population of about 5,633,000. It is almost divided in two by the Chesapeake Bay, which stops around Havre de Grace. This waterway is the dividing line from the western and eastern shores. Some people say the Susquehanna River is the unofficial northern part of this line.

Maryland is known for crabs. People make them every year. They also have Old Bay seasoning. Ocean City is a popular beach on the Atlantic coast. The Eastern Shoe is very different from other part of the state. Central Maryland has the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. It includes Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George's counties, which are just big collections of suburbs. Out west is the Appalachian Mountains.

Maryland has the Baltimore Ravens (who I don't really care for) and the Baltimore Orioles. The Washington Redskins, my favorite team, plays in Landover.

Maryland is a very diverse state. I live in Harford County, which is diverse itself. It's a mixture of farms and suburbs.
Maryland is the best! I like their crabs and all the places they have to offer.
by johnson4 December 23, 2009
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To the moron who wrote the first definiton... DC ISN"T IN MARYLAND!!!! Take first grade geography before you post about something you are completely ignorant of.

Maryland is about crabs, beer, and football in that order. Enough said...
JERSEY boy: "Hey MD sucks!"

Maryland boy: Kicks JERSEY Boy in the nuts and says, "Nice Blowout faggot, go back to your garbage state and stop coming to our schools."

NY Boy: "Hey leave him alone."

Maryland Boy: Kicks NY Boy in his nuts and says, "That goes for you too!"
by CrabsBeerFootball December 02, 2007
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The state that has the most varity in the country. You've got white's, blacks, mexicans, asians, and everything in between. There's the county people, the city people, and the country people; and yes we've got lots of em! We are known for our famous Chesapeak Bay crabs and if you dont like 'em your not a true Marylander! Theres Baltimore and DC and although DC isnt in maryland its close enough. and god forbid if you put the kids from baltimore and dc in the same room and they arent chaned to the wall! We've got some of the best and worst school systems in the country and theres nothing you can do to change that. If you decide to go to Baltimore and you arent familure with it stay in the inner harbor or else. If you dont belive what im telling you just take a trip!
If your not from Maryland your not important!
by MDLawsonChk June 12, 2008
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